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Milano, Biblioteca nazionale Braidense, ms. Castiglioni 5, c. 2v

december 04 2019

An Agreement between ICCU (Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries) and AIB (Italian Library Association) for training courses concerning cataloguing of manuscripts through the s/w Manus Online

Iccu and AIB have recently signed an agreement to organize together training courses concerning cataloguing of manuscripts preserved in Italian libraries and institutions by means of the s/w Manus Online.


In order to provide a deeper connection among ICCU, AIB and Italian libraries and librarians, it was decided to carry out some pilot experiments in those Italian Regions that in 2016 and 2017 were most affected by the seismic events: in Abruzzo, Marche and Umbria there is a great need of documenting and cataloguing the existing cultural heritage.


 The training courses will be free of charge for AIB members, and the scientific organization shall be jointly attended by ICCU and AIB.

 The librarians of the ICCU Manuscript Area will make themselves available to carry out the needed lectures.


 ICCU and AIB join forces and work together in order to carry out training and cataloguing activities.