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Milano, Biblioteca nazionale Braidense, ms. Castiglioni 5, c. 2v

octobre 27 2017

Morning conference: “Cataloghi di Manoscritti”

ABEI (Association of Italian ecclesiastical librarians) and the Facoltà teologica del Triveneto, with the support of AIB (Italian libraries association), are organizing the morning conference: Cataloghi di manoscritti; the conference shall take place on next November 21 in Padua, at the Facoltà teologica del Triveneto; the meeting aims at presenting manuscript cataloguing projects and initiatives, in particular those referring to manuscripts held in ecclesiastical libraries.

Dr. Lucia Negrini, who is the responsible of the manuscript Area in ICCU, shall participate with the paper: Il sito Manus Online. Nuovi strumenti, nuove proposte.