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Milano, Biblioteca nazionale Braidense, ms. Castiglioni 5, c. 2v

november 08 2021

MULIER ARTIFEX: a new special project in Manus Online

The Research Centre for European Philological Tradition (RECEPTIO), directed by Prof. Carla Rossi, has launched a research project entitled "Biblioteca Femminile Italiana" (Italian Women's Library), aimed at the recovery of a large heritage of works, many of which are still unpublished, and at their cataloguing in electronic format. The project intends to account for the activity of 253 female authors and for the peculiarity of women's poetic voices in the Italian literary sphere (from the late Middle Ages to the early Renaissance). The primary objective of the project is to systematically publish by 2026, in electronic format, a significant part of the corpus of Italian women's poetry of the origins, indicating the location of the manuscript codes that hand it down.

The project also intends to account for the activity of women artists involved in book production in the centuries in question. For the basic nucleus of the list of female copyists, the work Women and written culture in the Middle Ages of the University of Cassino is used, while the research on Italian illuminators is an original work by RECEPTIO, which will be implemented until April 2026.

On the basis of an agreement signed in October 2021 with ICCU, the Manus Online database will contain the descriptive cards of the codices that have handed down the works of the Italian authors, copyists and miniaturists who are the object of the cataloguing. The cataloguing data will be collected through the MOL s/w and made available to users both through the search on the entire database and on the page prepared on the MOL website for the special project related to MULIER ARTIFEX; similarly, the data will flow into the RECEPTIO Italian Women's Library website.