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Milano, Biblioteca nazionale Braidense, ms. Castiglioni 5, c. 2v

octobre 11 2021

PoetRi: a new Special Project in Manus Online

a new Special Project is going to enrich The MOL database, the name is: Digitization of manuscripts preserved in the Riccardiana Library of Florence. A choice of lyrics of Italian literature – XIV-XVI centuries (PoetRi).

The project was proposed to ICCU by the Department od Human Studies of the Urbino University, in co-operation with the Department of History, Archaeology, Geography, Visual and Performing  Arts of the University of Florence and can be carried out thanks to ministerial fundings.

It provides the cataloguing description (by means of the MOL description form), digitization and philological comments of 36 manuscripts, preserved in the Riccardiana Library, containing lyrics written in the XIV-XVI centuries