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Census of Manuscripts held by Italian libraries


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MANUS is a database containing catalogue descriptions and digital images of manuscripts, private papers and archives held by Italian public, private and ecclesiastical libraries

The census, launched by ICCU - Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico - in the 1980s, aims to list and catalogue manuscripts written in Latin alphabet from the Middle Ages to date, including private papers and literary archives. MANUS allows different levels of description, from short entries - even derived from older catalogues -, to detailed first-hand descriptions complying with the standards set by the Guida a una descrizione uniforme dei manoscritti e al loro censimento, V. Jemolo and M. Morelli eds., Roma, ICCU, 1990.

To date, 273 cultural Institutions participate to the project, and the Forum is open to any contribution suggesting corrections and changes to the description records, in order to encourage a fruitful dialogue among ICCU, Libraries and scholars.

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