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Milano, Biblioteca nazionale Braidense, ms. Castiglioni 5, c. 2v

18 novembre 2014

The Guida to the software Manus OnLine

As of today The Guida to the software ManusOnLine is available on the site.


Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico e per le informazioni bibliografiche. Area di attività per la bibliografia, la catalogazione e il censimento dei manoscritti, Guida a ManusOnLine (MOL). Standard per la catalogazione dei manoscritti delle biblioteche italiane, a c. di Lucia Merolla e Lucia Negrini, Roma ottobre 2014


This Guide, developed on the basis of the instructions already supplied by the Guida al s/w Manus, issued by ICCU in 2001, aims to be a tool for better tackling the description of manuscripts and collections of letters, and for offering to all institutions which take part in the Cataloguing project of manuscripts held in Italian libraries a common and uniform approach related to catalographic criteria as well.


It allows the working out of descriptions which can be constantly modified and allow three different cataloguing levels: minimum, medium, maximum.


The procedure supplies major capabilities compared to the offline version, and to the first online version as well.